September 1934 Rhône France: the birth of an icon

Who would have thought that a little orange stapled notepad with an unusual logo featuring the outline of two fir trees over beveled lettering would go all around the world?

In 2024, Rhodia will celebrate its 90ᵗʰ anniversary. However Rhodia is more than a flagship brand that can proudly claim to have weathered the decades without developing a single wrinkle. It is an iconic brand that has gathered a cult following all over the world and established a genuine, trusting relationship with its customers.

Longevity is an art in itself!

The secret of the longevity of “the brand with the two fir trees” is simple: a name, a logo, a style, an emblematic product, all of which are the results of a clever blend of know-how, inventiveness, heritage and modernity.

A name that simply reflects the brand’s origins by the Rhône River (the people from this region are known as “Rhodanians”).

A logo that provides a direct link with the industry. The two joined fir trees symbolize the company’s founding brothers, Henri and Robert Vérilhac.

This logo was reportedly drawn spontaneously in a single stroke by Antonia, Henri Vérilhac’s wife, as if it were indisputable.

This logo still embodies the “essence” of the brand, to such an extent that Rhodia is often referred to using the circumlocution “the brand with the two fir trees”.

Made in France

A style that is authentic and timeless, full of character, simple and refined and one that has been unmistakably distinctive ever since it was created.

A product, the emblematic stapled notepad, which was the result of a very simple idea: the desire to create a unique, practical, universal article that met the demanding challenge of combining know-how, technical innovation and aesthetics.